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Body Styling System

Body Wraps with Bandages

The products of the BODY STYLING SYSTEMS with BANDAGES offer various options for use. With this type of treatment, it is possible to deal with the skin problems in a much more precise and targeted manner. The precise effect is possible due to aromatic oils and active ingredients that are applied directly to the skin under the bandages. To revitalize metabolic processes and activate tissue metabolism quick and effective, thereby reducing body weight.


The therapeutic effect:



  • activation of the blood microcirculation;

  • strengthening of blood vessels, varicose veins therapy;

  • stimulation of metabolic processes and regeneration;

  • decrease and control of appetite;

  • Adipose tissue volume reduction, weight loss, fat burning;

  • Lifting, cleansing, increasing skin tone, removing striae, rosacea;

  • lymphatic drainage, detoxification;

  • elimination of edema, stimulation of diuresis, cleansing of the liver ducts;

  • antioxidant therapy;

  • excellent post-injury rehabilitation;

  • strengthening immunity, prevention of colds;

  • neutralize stress hormones, ensure a positive mood and eliminate depressive states.

During bandage wraps, the body's surface temperature rises by 1-2 degrees, thanks to which the body restores thermal balance, burning fat and boosting metabolism. Bioactive components of lotions stimulate lipolysis (breakdown of fat). They extract products of decay and toxic substances.

The bandage wraps have a positive effect on the whole body and a healing procedure that normalizes all functions and systems of the body. Therefore, this procedure can be safely performed not only on women and men of all ages, but also on pregnant women (from the fourth month of pregnancy) and on children from the age of 5 years.


Course and frequency :


The minimum course is 5-7 procedures. Middle ground: 10-12 procedures. In high stages of cellulite and obesity, at least 15 sessions are recommended.

Frequency of STYX bandage wrap interventions:  1-2-3 days

A break of 5 or more days is considered a one-time procedure and the cumulative effect is lost.

It is better to start the course at the beginning of the menstrual cycle (5th, 6th day).

The procedure has a cumulative effect.

After completing the course, it is recommended to carry out wrap procedures for prophylaxis 1-2 times a month (especially after overeating, excess alcohol).


Shortly after the surgery, kidney and liver disease, eczema, acute inflammation of the pelvic organs, pregnancy in the first 3 months and from the 8th month, endometriosis, thrombophlebitis and varicose veins

tumors and severe cardiovascular disease, sunburn, hypertension

The bandage procedures were developed by STYX specialists as special wraps that keep the body young and strong and the skin supple and firm. Tight fabric and a perfect body shape


Price Menu

Body Bandage Wrap. 1 Session 

120 CHF

Body Bandage Wrap. 6er Abo

660 CHF

Body Bandage Wrap. 10er Abo

1'000 CHF


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