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Enlarged  is a condition that can affect anyone at any time and is usually most visible on the face, in particular the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin causing the appearance of the complexion to be less refined.

Commonly enlarged pores occur either during puberty (in which case they will tend to lessen over time), or later in life when the visible signs of ageing begin to present.

Much as this condition can be a little frustrating, it is good to know that the pores serve a really important role in keeping our skin healthy. They form a natural part of the skin’s structure through which they secrete sebum via the sebaceous glands which ensures the skin is able to adequately moisturise. Without these active pores, your skin would become very dry and unhealthy.

When pores become excessively large and are very noticeable, this can be perceived as unattractive, particularly when applying makeup which sinks into the pores and can cause over application giving a cakey look.

We are able to help you treat the appearance of large pores, so that your skin can regain its flawless appeal, leaving you with a glowing even complexion that you can be proud of.

Treatments available:

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