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Body Perfection

Hands rejuvenation

Our hands are always on show.

So, not only do they get lots of exposure to the sun and environmental irritants that make them age more quickly, but they’re constantly on display every time we shake someone’s hand or touch our face.

The appearance of ageing on our hands is accelerated by prominent veins and tendons.

Hands skin is thin and agile. It changes its structure, protective natural membrane consisting of hydro lipids.

Over time, due to the loss of collagen, the skin loses elasticity and becomes unable to retain moisture in a sufficient volume.

Externally, the hands ageing is manifested in the form of hyperpigmentation, thickening of the corneal layer, wrinkles, decline of elasticity, and loss of volume of soft tissue – superficial veins are visualised. Even young people suffer from anatomical bulging of superficial veins.


In our clinic for hands rejuvenation we use  various solutions to help keep your hands looking firm, toned and youthful. Whether it is to improve elasticity, smooth the texture of the skin or to remove pigmentations, a full and thorough consultation will recommend the right solution. A series of procedures can often help to produce optimal results for an outcome that can last for the longer term.


Treatments available:

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